Pat Cox will visit Almedalen Political Week 2017


Mr Pat Cox, European Coordinator of Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor (ScanMed) will visit Almedalen Political Week 2017 by invitation of North Sweden European Office in close cooperation with the Bothnian Corridor. 

Mr Pat Cox, European Coordinator of Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor (ScanMed) will visit the Almedalen Political Week 3-5 July 2017 by invitation of North Sweden European Office and the Bothnian Corridor. 

Mr Cox will participate as keynote speaker at several seminars: 

-  "Brexit - What does it mean to Ireland, Sweden and the future of the EU?" A debate with Ms Ann Linde (S), Minister for EU Affairs and Trade and Ms Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas, Head of Representation, European Commission. Markus Bonekamp, Moderator, European Parliament Information Office in Sweden. Date: 4 July at 14:00-14:45. Venue: Europahuset in Almedalen, Strandvägen, H514. 

- "Arctic Transport Café" organized by North Sweden European Office in cooperation with Region Västerbotten and Region Norrbotten. Venue: Novgorodgränd 1, Visby.

- "European Core Network Corridors - enablers for all stakeholders?" organized by the Bothnian Corridor. Venue: Novgorodgränd 1, Visby.

- Seminar on High Speed Trains organized by Region Skåne.

Mr Cox will also meet with Swedish regions along the ScanMed Corridor.

Arctic Transport Café 

Arctic Transport Café, organized by North Sweden European Office in cooperation with Region Västerbotten and Region Norrbotten. 

The debate on the future of the EU post 2020 is ongoing following the European Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe and the reflection papers setting out possible ways forward and more specifically the reflection paper published by the European Commission July 28, 2017 looking at options to the future of EU finances. 

Keynote participants will discuss the Arctic’s increasing importance and the demands this imposes in particularly on the Northern Axis at Narvik-Iron Ore Line-Luleå and at Midway Alignment Umeå-Vaasa, as well as reflect on the future of the TEN-T and CEF programmes which are crucial for the realization of the EU transport system. Also, the future financial framework of the EU post 2020 and shaping the future of the European Core Network Corridors in specific the extension of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean to Northern Sweden will be debated. 

The Arctic region in Sweden is defined by the Swedish Government as the County of Norrbotten and the County of Västerbotten in North Sweden. For the EU, our region comprises hence along Finland’s' the EU Gateway to the Arctic as expressed by Mr Pat Cox in the 2nd Work Plan for ScanMed (approved by all 8 concerned Member States, December 2016). In recommendations and outlooks, the Work Plan outlines that “the current corridor alignment has been clearly defined. However, taking into account geopolitical developments, a future extension of the corridor cannot be excluded. In particular in view of forming a strategic gateway to the Arctic region, connecting the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor with the North Sea-Baltic Corridor at the border between Finland and Sweden through the so-called Bothnian extension should be taken into consideration.”

Participants at the Arctic Transport Café:

  • Mr Pat Cox, European Coordinator Scandinavian-Mediterranean
  • Mr Erik Bergkvist, President, Region Västerbotten
  • Ms Maria Stenberg, President, Region Norrbotten
  • Mr Bo Krogvig, Senior Vice President Communications and Public affairs, LKAB
  • Mr Mårten Edberg, Strategist on Infrastructure, Region Västerbotten
  • Ms Mona Mansour, Moderator, Senior Adviser European Affairs, North Sweden European Office.

You can find information about our the event  at the official program of the Almedalen Week, there named  'The future of Arctic Transport':
and the app: Almedalen Just nu.

Arctic Transport Café

European Core Network Corridors - enablers for all stakeholders? 

Position papers on the midterm evaluation of the Connecting Europe Facility, CEF

/Mona Mansour


  • Frederic Versini’s Visit to Luleå November 7-8, 2018


    Frédéric Versini, Deputy Head of Unit for the Trans European network at the European Commission DG MOVE visited Luleå November 7-8, 2018. The purpose of the visit was to meet with key players from regional authorities and the industry for discussions on the needs and opportunities that are available to umplement priority infrastructure projects and to develop the transport system in the Arctic regions linked to the EU's future transport policy.

  • National Transport Plan for 2018-2029


    On June 4, the Swedish government presented the National Plan for Infrastructure, also known as NTP, for the period 2018-2029. The plan covers a total budget of SEK 700 billion. For Västerbotten and Norrbotten, the two northernmost counties in Sweden, the new plan covers several new railway constructions as well as upgrading and modernization of existing railways, multimodal operations and shipping.

  • Swedish Government go to build the North Bothnia Line


    Today, Tomas Eneroth Minister for Infrastructure announced that the North Bothnia Line (NBB) will be built. SEK 7 billion as part of the National Transport Plan will initially be allocated to build the first phase on the section Umeå-Skellefteå of the North Bothnia Line. The works will begin within six months.

  • A milestone - ScanMed corridor to be extended to northern Sweden


    Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth announced March 21, 2018 that Sweden has submitted a request to the European Commission to extend the Scandinavian-Mediterranean (ScanMed) Corridor to northern Sweden and along the section Örebro-Oslo.

  • EFNS adopts position on EU's future Transport Policy


    Europaforum Northern Sweden (EFNS) adopts its position on EU's future Transport Policy, upon the pending negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) of the European Union.

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