About us

Developing strategies and competence

A high level of competence within European matters is of vital importance to the development of the region. North Sweden works for the active participation of representatives from the region in networks and other interest groups at the European level. North Sweden initiates seminars and other training activities in order to increase the EU-competence in the region. Equally, the organisation works for strengthened relationships with other European regions and networks.

Monitoring our region's interests

North Sweden monitors changes and development within policies at the EU-level that might have an impact on the region. The information is, at an early stage, communicated to the relevant actors in the region. It is of great importance to have a presence in Brussels - close to sources of vital information - to follow current developments and to consider the implications they may have for the region.

Monitoring of EU-programmes and projects

North Sweden follows up current and relevant EU-programs and encourages the participation of representatives from the region in EU-funded international consortia. North Sweden communicates this on its website, in newsletters, reports, and through other dissemination activities for instance seminars and workshops. North Sweden works also for a strengthened co-ordination between actors involved in EU-matters in the region.


North Sweden is an active member in the following networks:

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