Privacy policy

It is necessary for us to store and process personal data with the purpose of communicating with stakeholders in order to fulfil our public service to work as a link between the actors of North Sweden and the Brussels arena. The data include names, contact information and, in occurring situations, pictures from public events and meetings that may include identifiable faces. The personal data has either been shared to us directly by the individuals or has been collected form publicly available sources. We apply at all time applicable privacy laws to all processing of personal data. The storage and processing of personal data is carried out to fulfil our public service with the public interest as legal basis for the processing in accordance with Swedish law. Personal data will only be saved as long as they are relevant and necessary.

We will not share any personal data with external parties, unless obliged to do so by law. Neither will we transfer any personal data to a non-EU country.

Users have the right and possibility to contact us for information of the data we have on him or her, in order so request correction, transferee or to limitations in the processing, to object and to request the personal data to be deleted. Such request is easiest directed to the e-mail where also the data protection officer, Johnny Lundström, can be reached. Region Västerbotten (222000-2436) is our formal principal through collaboration agreements with the additional principal organisations. Complaints on our processing of personal data can be directed to the supervisory body The Swedish Data Protection Authority.