Reference site - Active and Healthy Ageing

Norrbotten has been assigned the status of being a Reference Site by the Commission to inspire EU within active and healthy aging. Norrbotten is thus one of the ten most prominent regions in Europe engaged in innovative healthcare and will join in the development of European solutions to the aging population.

Region Norrbotten has several years of experience working with digital solutions in healthcare and holds the status of being a 4-star Reference Site among regions working with e-health in the European Commission's network EIP on Active and healthy ageing, (EIP AHA). Norrbotten participate in cross-border innovation projects in digital health and has a long experience of innovative digital solutions for the health care sector. By being part of this network, the regions cooperate with each other and exchange experiences in health innovation.

Europe currently sees the aging population growing in numbers, which means increased costs for the welfare system. To manage these costs, the European Commission is now investing heavily in innovation in healthcare and health. The European Innovation Partnerships (EIP's) help create partnerships between different players in the Digital Union.

Being a Reference Site for EIP on Active and healthy ageing (EIP AHA) means beeing identified as a leader in the field, that bring in other relevant players for various projects. Here, active work is being done to advocate a healthy and active aging population, with an overall goal of increasing the average healthy life of EU citizens. Norrbotten, together with other Reference Sites, should act as sources of inspiration and create creative and useful solutions for better living standards and health among the elderly. Each reference site is awarded 1 - 4 stars depending on how many criteria they meet. 2019 Norrbotten was awarded with 4 stars.

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