The Future of navigation in the North 2015

Seminar "The Future of navigation in the North 2015"

March 13 , Clarion Sense Hotel , Lulea

The Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce organizes in cooperation with the Shipowners' Association, the City of Luleå, Shore Link, SSAB, the Port of Luleå, the Port of Piteå and the Port of Karlix, a seminar on the significance of efficient shipping and its opportunities and challenges in Northern Sweden. Keynote speakers are e.g.:

  •  Sven Erik Bucht, Minister for Rural Affairs, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
  •  Niklas Nordström, Mayor, The City of Luleå
  •  Anders Björnström, CEO, LKAB Malmtrafik AB
  •  Ann- Catrine Nathanson, Director General Maritime Administration
  •  Ragnar Johansson, CEO, Swedish Orient Line
  •  Pia Berglund, CEO, Shipowners' Association

The Swedish Orient Linien and the TransAtlantic have started container and RoRo lines that will transport more goods from northern Sweden and Finland. The purpose of the seminar is to be a natural meeting place for stakeholders interested in logistics and infrastructure, and with particular interest in the functioning of navigation in Northern Sweden. The seminar also aims to update the participants on current issues and future trends in shipping. 


Date and place: 13 March 2015 13.00-17.00. at Clarion Sense Hotel, Luleå, Sweden.

Contact information

Natalie Sidén, The Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce

Mona Mansour, Senior adviser in European Affairs, North Sweden European Office

Transport policy

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