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North Sweden in the EU

Actors in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Jämtland Härjedalen and Västernorrland are working to influence the Union's policy to assure that decisions also consider the interests of northern Sweden. North Sweden European Office functions as the region’s extension and stimulate conditions for the regions to be active on the EU arena.

The northern regions have assets and capacity that are of great interest to the EU. It Is located in the important European Arctic which has extensive resources in raw materials, a strong position in battling climate change and has an innovation climate that benefits the entire EU. At the same time, the region has specific challenges due to long distances, sparse populations and a harsh climate. Through close cooperation with EU institutions, support measures can be adapted to tackle these specific challenges. An active participation in the EU also provides tools for the region to create interest in important investments that are made in northern Sweden.

North Sweden is particularly active in the networks Europaforum Norra Sverige, (European forum for Northern Sweden) EFNS, which brings together regional politicians from Sweden's four northernmost regions, along with Northern Sparsely Populated Areas, NSPA, consisting of 13 regions in northern Sweden, Finland and Norway cooperating for influence in the EU. Within these networks, common positions are adopted for different policy areas with a focus on regional development. Position pappers which North Sweden contribute to and brings to the EU in order to rise the knowledge about the regional perspectives and influence on EU for the benefit of northern Sweden and the entire EU.

Cross-border collaboration is necessary for influencing the EU, which is based on cross-border political cooperation that creates long-term peace and development throughout Europe. The efforts are done in close collaboration with the region's actors who have expert knowledge of our political issues and who lead the regional development efforts.

North Sweden is also active in other EU networks and organizes activities  together with actors from the region, in interaction with relevant actors in the EU to demonstrate the challenges and opportunities that exist in the northernmost Europe. We are happy to receive groups from the region who want to come for study visits in Brussels. 



Mikael Janson

Managing Director

Phone: +32 (0)2 282 18 22
Mobile (Belgium): +32 (0)485 14 69 66
Mobile (Sweden): +46 (0)70 523 57 01

Focus areas: Regional politics and cross-border cooperation.